There is a great deal involved in managing a house-building project, including major renovation projects. Whether you are managing the project yourself, or leaving it all to someone else, the main tasks include:

  1. Preliminaries:
    • Arranging finance.
    • Organising the design.
  2. Organising the builder and sometimes the subcontractors:
    • Asking selected builders and/or subcontractors for prices or tenders to do the work.
    • Selecting the form of contract that best suits your needs.
  3. Consents:
    • Getting building consents (and resource consents if necessary).
  4. Managing construction:
    • Arranging for subcontractors to be available when needed.
    • Dealing with suppliers and making sure materials are ordered and delivered on time.
    • Monitoring progress once work starts to make sure everything complies with the contract and consent documentation (including plans and specifications).
    • Arranging for inspections by your own professionals, for example, the designer or architect.
    • Arranging for inspections by the building inspectors at the end of each stage.
    • Answering questions that arise during building, and clarifying anything in the construction documents with the contractors.
    • Knowing when progress payments are due and checking claims for payment.
    • Negotiating with the builder and subcontractors to come back and fix any work not completed or done properly.
    • Processing variations and anything else that crops up along the way.
    • Arranging amendments to the building consent where necessary.
    • Arranging the final inspection for the code compliance certificate.

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