Building a new home is an exciting process that often results in a satisfied client loving their new home at the end of the build.
It allows to you truly reflect yourself and your ideas in the form of a new home and to show it off to family and friends. But, if done incorrectly, or without the right help it can leave you out of pocket or with plans that never reach completion.
To help ensure your build reaches it full potential.

Here is a very important piece of advise…


Your architect’s job is to create a design that truly represents you, but they often overlook the cost of the build whilst they are designing. Architect’s are notorious for adding bucket loads of flare and details to the design of a home, but this can mean that the designs become too expensive to build. There are often cases where the clients have paid for a home design, but when they are quoted the cost to build they are unable to proceed as the design is too extravagant for their budget. This leaves a lot of designs left on the drawing board, and never making it to build completion.

To avoid this, hiring a builder at the beginning of the design process can help the design from going ‘over the top’ and assist with keeping the build costs in check, so you end up building to your budget and get the perfect home you set out for and most importantly a home you can afford.

The reason why builders help to stop the costs going over budget is because they can estimate build costs at each stage of the design process and can remind the architect of certain design limitations that would otherwise put the build way over-budget.
At Ebuild we are able to provide you with one of our preferred architects (if required) who’s portfolio is best suited to your budget and desired vision, and we can help you throughout the design process by working with you and your architect, so you aren’t left with designs that are too expensive to build.

Starting the building process can be a daunting and confusing process, but hiring a professional builder such as Ebuild at the start of the process allows you to stay on track with the build process and budget, and having professionals organise the different contractors and suppliers will take that unnecessary stress and concern off your shoulders.